Design Philosophy



"Sit down" is one of the first sentences that is learned studying the English language, as if sitting were the easiest thing in the world. Many people, before taking a seat in a chair, observe how it is made and touch the material of which it is composed, if only they like it, sit down (provided that the chair is comfortable), otherwise change the chair. A chair is not a chair, but the mood created by sitting on it or just admiring it. That's why we can talk about design philosophy, a love of the wisdom behind designing and building a Chair, a sofa, a table or any other complementary item.

For years, Segis (word derived from the Italian word “sedia”) is part of more advanced scenario internationally and innovates design paradigms by creating objects of versatility both functional and aesthetic.

Segis design is "alive", concrete, practical. Different technical, productive and creative skills come together in a rich and original energy that flows from collaboration with clever designers. Each object has its own reason to exist and it’s this meaning that emerges from the icons of product to represent the success of Segis. From the balance between ability and sensibility are born out everyday, necessary and ergonomic objects that change the world around us and out way to live it.



Segis was established in Italy in 1983, in Poggibonsi, but its cultural genesis dates back to the Renaissance, when this small town of ancient history, near Siena, became famous for developing handmade decorative objects for patrician and aristocrats.

Today, the Segis Group is a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality furniture for the Contract Market. Technologically advanced production facilities occupy an area of about 15,000 square meters in Italy and 7,000 in Vietnam.  The United States has a base operation in TN of Assembly, Upholstery and Distribution to serve the US Market. From these locations, Segis could increase penetration into different markets, improving control over delivery time and service, without sacrificing the quality. All production facilities are equipped with the latest robotic technologies of bending , welding and . We are able to respond to requests from individual orders for offices and restaurants to large scale projects such as hotels and cruise ships, where the kind and the quality of the seatings is, immediately, the image in which every single customer is recognized and that want to project to the outside world.

Over time, Segis helped draw the overall image and brand of conglomerates such as Grand Hyatt Hotels, Venice Laguna Palace Hotel, Marriott Hotels, Crown Casino, Disney Resorts, Group Accor Hotels, Union Bank Of Switzerland, Carnival Cruise Lines, Art & Science Museums, Royal Yacht Club, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Daimler Chrysler, Nestle, AT & T, Swatch, Wimbledon, Mandarina Duck, Deutsche Bank , Chase Manhattan Bank, British Airways, Costa Cruise Lines, Eriksson, Leo Burnett, Lufthansa, the opera house La Scala in Milan, Nortel Networks, as well as numerous cafes, hospitals, museums, lecture theatres and airports, all over the world.

In addition to its design, winner of numerous awards, Segis devotes attention to stricter application of international quality standards. Implementation of a research and development program oriented to the continuous search for the best materials and finishes. In addition to perfecting a process aimed at ergonomics of design, Segis also to reinforces the company's commitment to environmental sustainability controls. Producing high-quality products is not enough for Segis, which continues to engage in rigorous monitoring programs, allowing it to extend to customers the required guarantees. Dedication to detail also includes a focus on quality after sales service that mirrors that of the production processes and logistics, because it is considered part of the product. The philosophy of Segis is to approach each order as an opportunity to welcome new customers into its corporate fabric and continue to grow. It is precisely this direct and human personal approach that will continue to allow Segis to grow together and in parallel with its customers.

In the Tuscan language, "Chair" it says "Chair" and the name "Segis" is a reminder that it is difficult to forget.



Franco and Francesco Dominici

Since 1983, the products and the Segis philosophy reflect the thinking of the company founder, Franco Dominici: quality, design and value. Franco Dominici has focused his entrepreneurial impulses offering to the public a wide range of metal, plastic, wood, padded seats plus a wide choice of accessories.

In 1999, the son of Franco, Francesco Dominici, joined the company focusing on consolidation and evolution of the other group brands – Delight and Multipla – increasing sales worldwide.



Management policy

As always, Segis works to produce and market designer products, based on three main principles: quality, environment, ethics.


Quality and certifications

The Group Segis holds a quality process that allows us to be a leader in a demanding market as that of the Contract. Being a manufacturing organization, we had to integrate this concept at all levels: project quality, process quality and product quality. The first takes charge in collaboration with famous architects, implementing and engineering, where necessary, style concepts and more advanced projects.  We then develop from prototype to production and run the performance tests, according to international standards. Process quality is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality system, which we received in 1997.  Segis was among the first companies in the sector, integrating this system at every level of its processes (design, production, logistics, sales and after sales services). Finally, the product quality is guaranteed by the application of the strictest technical and performance tests according to standards ANSI BIFMA and EN, all performed by laboratories approved and authorized.


Sustainability and Environment

In ancient times it cooperated on everyday objects with the material we had around, trying not to upset the environmental balance. Now that the possibilities for experimentation are endless and the whole planet became available, it is important not to get carried away by the force of innovation to the detriment of the entourage and nature.

For Segis, quality and environmental sustainability have always been the founding principles, since the inception of the company in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, to be preserved. For this reason, it has always been given the highest attention to the choice of production processes with low environmental impact and strict controls in every aspect: emissions, effluents and waste. In line with these principles, as early as 1998, ISO 14001 certification for Segis has an internal environmental management system, in order to ensure compliance with rules as to production and, above all, to improve continually the limits for all departments and companies within the group.

Segis strives daily to study sustainable products, so:

  • always keep the utmost respect for the environment
  • have low energy production processes
  • use wood from certified forests or recycled materials in whole or in part (where possible) or recyclable materials
  • optimize production schedules in order to reduce waste to a minimum
  • use non-polluting surface finishes
  • do not use glues with presence of formaldehyde
  • check the supply chain to ensure respect for these principles, including through control test to verify the absence of organic volatile substances (VOC) materials.

Segis products have obtained numerous certifications and recognitions from various organizations, within the framework of European projects, from Legambiente (such as Casa Toscana Green Home)  and production consortia, in addition to certificate from Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).


Social Responsibility

When you invite a person to sit at their desks, it says “have a seat”.

According to the Principle of Reception for Group Employees at Segis, they must feel at ease in the workplace and their rights must be respected at all levels. To accomplish this vocation, we obtained the specific certification of SA8000 for social responsibility, which guarantees the commitment of the Organization in various areas:

  • guarantee of a healthy workplace for all employees
  • maintenance of efficient and reliable security systems
  • no use of child labour
  • no remedy and no support to any form of "forced labour", that is coercion of employees working with blackmail of any type
  • guarantee the health and safety of its employees and full compliance with the law
  • ensuring freedom of trade unions and their members
  • no discrimination of any kind of workers and among workers
  • application of disciplinary procedures in full compliance with the law
  • working time fulfils the legal requirements of national and local agreements
  • salary corresponding to the National Agreement and any supplementary business contracts
  • communication outside of their commitment to the respect of the standard SA 8000
  • use of suppliers who respect themselves the principles of this standard.