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Massimo Mussapi

Born in 1956, too late to fully enjoy the advantages of consumerism, too early to be a true ecologist. But still in time to see a better Italy than this, and maybe in time to do something to change it. Secondary school specialized in classical studies, degree in Architecture at Milan's Politecnico, Diploma IED (European Institute for Design) in Milan. He opened his office in Milan in 1986. In 1994 he founded the first center of experimental projects for the hospitaly field, in collaboration with Marco D’Auria. In 2008 he opened an office in Xiamen, China. Since 1998 he has continuously been working succesfully with Taiwan and China, that means without any serious damages anyway. Lecturer at IED, European Institute for Design. Designer selected by ICE for the project of Italian Contract Design MASSIMO MUSSAPI works in the field of product design, architecture and graphic design with a particular competence in the hospitality design sector. Member of the Association of Architect of Milan, since 1986. Member of ADI, Idustrial Design Association, since 2002. Member of the National Committee Department Designers of ADI. Adviser XIDA, Xiamen Industrial Design Association. First prize CONTRACT DESIGN: INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD 2002. Designer selected for ADI INDEX COMPASSO D’ORO 2002. HONOUR MENTION for COMPASSO D’ORO 2010. His designed products can be seen in public spaces like the Louvre Museum of Paris, the La Scala Museum and the Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan. He designed something in all 6 continents, included South Pole (Italian Scientific Base Enea). Several participations in exhibitions, exhibition stands, conferences, university lectures in Italy and abroad. 



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