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25 Years of Breeze | Iconic Chair by Segis




Breeze: the eco-sustainable innovation of past, present, and future.



aluminum chair

The highest Segis quality in a product that even twenty years ago represented a clear manifesto of love for the environment.
At a time when brands are increasingly embracing a green production model, Segis confirms itself as an absolute pioneer.

Despite market demands and trends, Segis has always prioritized a low impact, energy-efficient approach, by creating highly functional, sustainable products, of which Breeze is the crowning jewel.

This stackable armchair is made entirely of recycled material and does not require welding.


Designed in 1995 by the architect Carlo Bartoli, Breeze embodies the will of its designer to offer an extremely durable and sturdy piece of furniture, with simple clean lines and minimal use of materials. 

aluminum chair bender machine


Specifically, the chair is made of anodized or powder-coated aluminum and fitted with a recycled polypropylene seat and backrest. It is an innovative, charismatic piece, in which minimal design and exceptional structural execution come together, today as they did back then, in an elegant unicum of eco-functionality.



For over twenty years, the Breeze project has proudly carried the torch of ecological and social integrity on which the Segis style is based. 

Breeze Nautic Project, Genoa. Italy

Breeze Progetto Nautico, Genoa. Italy


Fueled by boundless love for the territory, Segis' ethos and approach to the environment fully reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of the company's founder, Franco Dominici.

Segis - Franco & Francesco Dominici

Franco & Francesco Dominici


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